• Physique Science Radio Episode 23 – The Psychology of Fitness with Kori Propst PhD(c)

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 09.16.15

    In this episode, Sohee and Layne talk with Kori Propst PhD(c) the Diet Doc wellness director and PhD candidate in Psychology. Kori is also an accomplished drug free figure pro. In this episode we talk with Kori about the Psychology …

    Physique Science Radio Episode 22 – Dr. Mark Faries

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 08.04.15

    In this episode Sohee and Layne interview Dr. Mark Faries. Dr. Faries’ research focus is primarily in self-regulation of exercise, physical activity, and healthy eating behaviors, with attention to novel, theoretical understanding and application. Essentially his research focuses on trying …

    Physique Science Radio Episode 20 – Dr. Donald Layman

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 07.14.15

    In this episode we interview Dr. Donald Layman. Dr. Layman is a world renowned nutrition researcher who has published/presented in many of the most prestigious metabolism journals and scientific conferences in the world. He was also Layne’s PhD advisor and …