• Physique Science Radio Episode 22 – Dr. Mark Faries

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 08.04.15

    In this episode Sohee and Layne interview Dr. Mark Faries. Dr. Faries’ research focus is primarily in self-regulation of exercise, physical activity, and healthy eating behaviors, with attention to novel, theoretical understanding and application. Essentially his research focuses on trying …

    Physique Science Radio Episode 20 – Dr. Donald Layman

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 07.14.15

    In this episode we interview Dr. Donald Layman. Dr. Layman is a world renowned nutrition researcher who has published/presented in many of the most prestigious metabolism journals and scientific conferences in the world. He was also Layne’s PhD advisor and …

    Physique Science Radio Episode 19 – Dr. Stuart Phillips

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 06.17.15

    In this episode of Physique Science Radio we interview Dr. Stuart Phillips, a professor at McMaster University and a preeminent research scientist in nutrition and training.  Dr. Phillips’ lab has produced some of the worlds most impactful, novel, and relevant …