Results from my first USAPL meet: Raw Southeastern Championships

Here is video from my first USAPL Raw Powerlifting meet. Had a great time lifting with friends Dr. Mike Zourdos, Mike Tuscherer, and Mike Pucci. Went 8/9 with a 612 squat, 391 bench, and 677 deadlift for a 1681 total (somehow it ends up with an extra pound with the rounding off of the weights as kilos are converted to pounds). Total was a new Florida State Record and good enough for a win in the 100 kg class. Super special thanks to Ben Esgro for his help with programming for this meet. Only was able to lift 4 days per week due to time constraints and still equaled my best previous meet total. Was disappointed not to break 1700 lb total, but we will get there.