New training video with Ben Pakulski at FLEX Online

Last weekend I got the chance to hit up a chest session with my friend Ben Pakulski as he prepares for the Olympia.  As usual we had a great time.  We originally started out only intended to do a few sets for bench, but that turned into many more.  I believe both of our egos got involved, but like I say in the video, if you truly have no ego, then you are probably a loser.  Having too much ego is a bad thing, but a healthy one is ok in my opinion =). Please enjoy the video

Not only are Ben and I training together pretty frequently when he’s in Tampa but we are also monitoring his prep for the Olympia at my good friend and collaborator Dr. Jacob Wilson’s lab at the University of Tampa, taking a variety of measurements to track his performance.  We are truly focused on bridging the gap between good science and hardcore training!

Please check out the link the the University of Tampa lab as well: