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If you're interested in taking your coaching, training, or physique to the next level this website is for you. The variety in information that is given to this website is amazing. It has helped me further understand topics such as periodization, biomechanics, and other topics. I also really enjoy I get to pick my idol, Layne nortons brain with his weekly Q&A, which was especially useful preparing for my first USAPL meet and felt like having Layne there with me, which resulted in a first place win. Thank you to Layne and everyone else who was made this website so awesome.

How the BioLayne site provides such a plethora of information regarding nutrition, training, research, supplementation, delicious macro-friendly recipes, weekly Q and A sessions, and live webinars for less than $15 a month is astounding. I can't think of one other place where I would go to find trustworthy information to guide me in my fitness goals that matches the value of this site. And if you don't see an article pertaining to what you would like to learn, that's no problem. Ask Layne, and he'll answer your question personally in his weekly Q and A video. As an aspiring power lifter and physique athlete living in rural Minnesota, this site is priceless.

About Layne Norton

Bodybuilding / Physique CoachCarbon & Biolayne LLC Founder Professional PowerlifterIFPA & NGA natural pro bodybuilder
  • BS in Biochemistry from Eckerd College with honors (>3.5 GPA) in 2004
  • PhD Nutritional Sciences with honors (>3.5 GPA), University of Illinois 2010
  • 65 clients have achieved pro status
  • Achieved 'Elite' Raw Total classification
  • 2015 USAPL Raw National 93kg Runner Up

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