If you drive a car, play baseball, play a musical instrument other than the piano, or just about any other non gym activity, you’re going to be imbalanced. All these activities involve the use of a dominant side of your body. At the same time, these activities that use both sides use them differently. So you end up with different ranges of motion and muscular development over the course of time.

That’s not too big of a problem, however. There’s one secret that you can do in your training to help mitigate these imbalances and any potential issue they might cause. That secret isn’t really a secret. It’s just something that’s often underused to its full potential. It’s unilateral training. And since most of don’t plan on getting in a car made in a different hemisphere and driving the opposite way we learned for an equal amount of time, unilateral training is a great way to fix yourself. Not only that, it can help you both pre and post injury. And, unilateral training can be a nice way to increase your work capacity by adding more volume into your workouts.

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