Last time, I went over the model of training for sports. If you recall, the modality focuses on the specifics first, and everything else secondary or tertiary. But not everyone trains for a sport. And not everyone needs (or wants) to train in the manner of a powerlifter.

So with that in mind, one of the issues people training for body composition and general health have concerns about is their posture. So I will start there. And from there, I will talk about a few ideas for general health and fitness outside the sports realm.


Posture, Otherwise known as your Form

Your form (what you look like) follows your function (how you move). If you, like most, sit at a computer too often, you might exhibit some symptoms of this. Some of which are internally rotated shoulders, tight hip flexors, and poor thoracic spine mobility.

Looking at it from a movement standpoint, you can easily form a picture of what type of gym training you can engage in.

So like with sport specific training, your life specific training ought to fill in the gaps of what you are not doing. In addition to that, you don’t have to be as rigid with your lifting as you would if you were training for a sport.

Having said that, what are, in most contexts, movements that we’re lacking?

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