Never has one machine managed to stoke the ire of keyboard bros across the world. Some go so far as to say that this machine is utterly useless. That it’s no better than a coat rack.

Of course, I’m talking about the Smith machine.

If you are not aware, the Smith machine was first realized by, juicer maker, and the father of what we now know as “the fitness industry,” Jack LaLanne. It’s not called a LaLanne machine, because after his invention, a guy named Rudy Smith tweaked the design and subsequently manufactured them.

The premise was simple. It was to have something safe so that you could lift weights in certain ways without breaking a bone or crushing your throat. Knowing that and heeding that advice, you can figure out that the Smith machine wasn’t intended to replace exercises we know to be effective. No, it’s simply a way to add a few things or put a few twists on some old favorites.

Despite, the hate Rudy Smith’s money maker can valuable for raw beginners, and for seasoned veterans.

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