Nothing says “I have strength and power” like a nice, firm, and round set of glutes. And for good reason. Your butt muscles are among the biggest in your entire body which is why women and men are capable of such respectable deadlifts.

From a biomechanical standpoint, it makes sense why humans have such big butts in comparison to our quadrupedal animal friends. They help to stabilize us when we stand upright, they help us move forward, and some evolutionary anthropologists debate over whether our big butts were the result of bipedal motion or a necessity for it.

Moreover, some of these same anthropologists and biologists believe our attraction to butts is based on evolution—that is, a lean waist with an ample butt is a sign of fertility. At any rate, we can all agree that the glutes are important for us all.

To that end, according to Dr. Stuart McGill, most of us don’t have the glute motor control or strength we need and as a result, we end up with lower back pain. The name for this is gluteal amnesia. So to start, we need to awaken them. And as I discussed before, we need to focus on hypertrophy because a bigger muscle can yield a stronger muscle.



I’ve mentioned these in other articles here, but for a brief overview, your glutes are responsible for

  1. Hip extension
  2. Hip internal and external rotation
  3. Hip abduction
  4. Stabilizing

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