I’ve talked about grandpa strength before—that is, the ability to heave a car engine across the garage in a fit of rage—and how to achieve it. Another hall mark of grandpas is their forearms. Typically, at least in my case, his forearms had some shoddy, old school tattoos from his time in the military. Not only that, his forearms were jacked. The rest of him didn’t necessarily look jacked, but you could tell he was strong because his forearms looked the part.

And how do you get that? By having a strong grip. So we’re going to go over different exercises to get you there.


Reverse Curl

This is a simple but a brutal one. It’s just like a normal curl, except you use an overhand grip and curl as normal. Key points:

  1. Use less weight since it’s not an advantageous position
  2. Mind how you grip the bar. A straight bar might be uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have much wrist mobility.
  3. Your best option is to opt for an EZ bar. Avoid moving your humerus, if you can help it. The goal is to work the forearms in conjunction with the biceps.

As for variations, I have two favorites. The first is to use an EZ bar attachment and put it on the low pulley of the cable machine, like you see in the video.

Not only that, but you can also perform the movement with dumbbells as a hybrid. Curl the weight up as normal, pronate the forearms, and lower it.

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