In powerlifting, knee injuries are among the common injuries you will see. My goal for you, if you lift heavy, is to make this less common. While we always ensure we’re using proper form, sometimes we do things outside of training that might place undue stress on our knee joint. Still, while training a rep might not be as clean as we would like it to be and it could cause injury or pain. If we prepare ourselves for that type of stress, we can prevent these from happening down the road.

Before we begin with your action steps, let’s take a look at a little bit of the knee anatomy.


The Bones

Your knee joint consists of three main bones. You have:

  • The tibia, which is your shin bone
  • The femur, your thigh bone
  • And the patella, a little triangular bone also known as the knee cap
  • The fibula, which runs parallel to the tibia

The tibia and femur comprise one articulation of the knee, known as the tibiofemoral joint. An easy to way remember this is that the shin bone connects to the thigh bone.

In addition to that, there is the patellofemoral joint, where the patella connects to the femur.

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