I get it. Specialization isn’t your thing. The good news is that’s completely fine. I say this full well knowing that the prevailing myth is that you have to set aside dedicated blocks of time to focus on one thing to succeed. If you think about it, any event where you have to do more than one exercise becomes less of a specialization. Powerlifting, triathlons, and even the popular mud runs fall into this category. Outside of the elite athletes, this comes up when a person or a client wants to run well while being strong at the same time.

Of course, the advice given is to find the minimal effective amount of each particular discipline so that you can both get better and recover without any deleterious effects on your body. Less often do you get to the “how” when it comes to finding the minimal effective amount of work you need to do for your exercise of choice. So I’m going to deliver that to you. And it starts with something we are all familiar with. I am talking about our nervous system of course.


The Nervous System

Your Central Nervous System (CNS) is always looking out for us. It’s like our ever vigilant but silent older relative that we forget about until the holidays or a special occasion. Yet, we fail it often. The beauty of the CNS is that it has all the information we need and will always inform us of our capabilities in real time. Why? It acts as a governor for our actions. When we perform a given exercise, we can look for a series of events that dictate when we should cease the exercise. Frankie Faires refers to them as the “elements of efforts.” In order, they are:

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