Sleep is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of life.

Although we tend to focus our attention on diet and exercise, sleep is arguably just as, if not more important than both. After all, we can go several weeks without food; however, the world record for no sleep is just 7 days!

If you are looking to fend off disease, lose fat, add muscle or achieve anything else related to health and fitness, sleep is a must.


How Sleep Affects Your Weight & Fat Loss

If you struggle with your sleep, or, often get less than 6 – 7 hours per night you may be increasing your chance of disease and weight gain.

Although correlation-based studies have several limitations, there are close links to the amount of hours you sleep per night and obesity risk [1][2].

One large review found that adults who had shorter durations of sleep at night were 55% more likely to become obese. Even more startling, this study found in children, those figures were increased to a whopping 89% [3].

Sleep also plays an important role in your natural circadian rhythm which affects your regulation of food and other biological processes, particularly the release of the hormone, growth hormone, which naturally spikes up at night around midnight.

Other controlled research has highlighted several key factors that will affect your bodyweight and fat loss efforts. These include [4][5][6][7]:

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