There’s a good chance you know about the anabolic potential of hormones such as Testosterone and Growth Hormone.

Studies have shown when testosterone levels are drastically elevated people can grow large amounts of muscle and even burn fat. Most remarkable of all, this can occur to a faster degree sat on your couch than a natural trainee hitting the gym 4 times a week [1][2].

These findings and the drastic results of super-physiological (i.e. above natural levels) testosterone we see in the bodybuilding community have now lead to some confusion as to the effects of natural spikes or increases.

From natural test boosters to post workout anabolic hormone spikes, many people now take the point of view that, if performance enhancing drugs such as testosterone can transform your physique in a matter of weeks, all other more natural methods to boost testosterone will do the same.

This has led to the popularity of natural testosterone boosters, along with the belief and focus on the magical “post workout rise in anabolic hormones”.

But, does it actually yield the same significance as super-physiological levels, or, is it just another principle taken out of context?

Let’s find out…

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