Your alarm goes off.
It’s the crack of dawn.
You head into the kitchen.
Turn on the coffee pot.
Crack a couple of eggs and pour some liquid egg whites into a bowl.

Then that beautiful sizzling sound happens when you have the frying pan on medium-high and you pour your eggs onto the pan.

As you are scrambling your eggs, you scroll down your phone and see a headline from the New York Times saying, “Whole Eggs are Better for you Than Egg Whites.”

You think “huh?”
I just used two whole eggs and four servings of liquid egg whites.

You begin reading the article and the writer completely takes the conclusions out of context to freak you out.

After that, you throw all your egg white cartons away and start buying whole eggs in bulk.
You see where we are going with this?

This happens every day with false article headlines, misleading interpretations of the scientific data, and then consumers fret and go off and do extreme things.

This new study [1] is a perfect example of this.

Throughout the rest of this article, we will breakdown this new article that is claiming whole eggs are better than egg whites for muscle growth.

Don’t throw away your egg white cartons just yet ?


The Study and What the Hell is Muscle Protein Synthesis?

Let’s break down some key points here in the study we are going to be discussing.

  • 10 subjects (healthy young males)
  • They took all subjects through a decent resistance training program and immediately after gave them 18g of protein via whole eggs or 18g of protein via egg whites
  • The results showed that whole eggs stimulated muscle protein synthesis (MPS) acutely over liquid egg whites

Now, you’re probably like what the hell is muscle protein synthesis and what does it matter to me?
The best analogy we can give you is from Professor Stuart Phillips from McMaster University [2]:

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