Thankfully, we’ve kind of gone past the days of –

“You gotta eat 6 meals per day, bro.
Keep that metabolism boosted, bro.
Don’t want to lose muscle, bro.”

Okay, some guys and girls are still convinced that six to eight meals per day is the holy grail of fat loss nutrition, and get stressed to high heaven if they go more than three hours without eating, thinking that they’ll go catabolic.

But on the whole, the fitness industry and gym rats worldwide have chilled out a lot when it comes to meal frequency.

Funny thing is, we’re not too good at avoiding extremes, and so the pendulum’s swung very quickly from the standard advice of eating every few hours, and veered off in the other direction of a very irregular meal frequency, with plenty of bodybuilders, physique athletes and just general training enthusiasts now practicing some type of fasting.

We now have whole movements of intermittent fasters (IF-ers) and books and programs based around the concept of going for hours and hours, or sometimes even whole days, without eating.

So what’s the score?

Is an irregular, sporadic meal frequency the secret to unlocking a new level of leanness and controlling body fat on a bulk, or just another fad that makes everything much more complicated than it needs to be?

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