You’re sat at a restaurant, and panic sets in.

You didn’t know you were heading out to eat tonight, but your buddies invitedyou last minute, and you felt obligated to accept.

You’re torn – do you sit there, order a Diet Coke, and eat nothing, then make sure that you hit your planned macros for the day when you get home, or do you gorge yourself stupid.

After all, there’s no way you can possibly track macros while out.

You don’t know how the chef’s going to cook the steak or chicken breast, how much oil will be used, and whether it’ll be low-fat cheese or the regular stuff.

Add to that the fact salad dressings are usually loaded with sugar, and it’s just all one big stress.

When you’re flexible dieting, eating out is best avoided at all costs.

Or is it?


Stop Being So Inflexible

You’re a flexible dieter.

You took to tracking macros and measuring quantifiable data so you didn’t have to continue your ways of clean eating, rigid meal plans, and weekend binges.

The beauty of flexible dieting is that you CAN go out to eat at restaurants, have meals at family members’ houses, and eat a little of what you like every single day.

So stressing over the precise macros on a menu really defeats the point of flexible dieting and IIFYM.

You may as well go back to your six meals per day of tuna, rice and broccoli.

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