In the past few years alone, gut health has become a very popular topic with regards to long-term health, fat loss and your physique.

Research has recently discovered that the brain and gut interact on a much deeper level than we had ever imagined. Additionally, our bodies’ gut bacteria health may be the root cause or at least a key factor in many diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and inflammatory disease.

Primarily due to factors associated with their lifestyle, close to 70 million people in the United States alone suffer from some sort of digestive related issue which accounts for almost 10% of all healthcare spending [1].

In this article we will breakdown how your gut may be the missing link in optimizing your health and physique and explain how our daily lifestyle and dieting decisions can either damage or improve our gut.


What is meant by the Gut?

Anatomically speaking, our entire digestive system, from our mouth to our rectum, is considered part of the “external environment”, while the inside of our body is considered the “internal environment”. The gut is a part of this external environment, but acts as a barrier, preventing or allowing nutrients and toxins to enter our internal environment [2].

The bacterial makeup of our gut dictates what nutrients and/or toxins enter the body, or internal environment, which can impact numerous aspects for our health [2].

Considering the fact that the body consists of an estimated 40-50 trillion bacteria (more than 10 times the number of cells in the body) and most of them are found in our gut, we are only just discovering the effects and role of our gut bacteria [3].

With that being said, we do know that the gut has much more of an impact on our health and physical appearance than we had ever believed. Although the research in this article may come as a surprise and be very fascinating, new research will no doubt establish an even greater connection to our gut health with many aspects of health and disease.

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