The scale is a common tool used to assess progress during a fat loss phase. Weighing is quick and relatively inexpensive. With weighing, progress can assessed within a couple of weeks compared to other methods of measuring progress such as body measurements or progress pictures which can take longer to change.

While change in body composition can occur without the scale moving, for an experienced natural lifter the scale is most likely going to need to trend down to see significant change in body composition (for more on this check out my previous article: Can Natural Competitors Expect to Grow into a Show?)

For these reasons, weighing can be a valuable tool to assess progress, but how frequently should an individual weigh?

The purpose of this article is to review the scientific literature on frequent weighing and weight control. From there, practical recommendations will be given for those using the scale to monitor progress.


Does frequent weighing increase weight loss?

Weighing is a common component of weight loss interventions in scientific literature. Multiple research reviews and meta-analysis have concluded that self-weighing either alone or as part of a multi-factorial weight loss intervention results in greater weight loss [1][2][3].

In addition, numerous interventions that have included daily weighing have observed significantly greater weight loss [4][5][6]. Individuals who weighed daily were also found to have a lower calorie intake and a trend for an increase in activity compared to those who did not [4].

Multiple reviews of literature on this topic have also concluded that daily weighing interventions improve weight loss [2][3]. Moreover, participants in daily weighing interventions have reported high levels of satisfaction with the intervention [5].

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