• BioLayne Response to Jonathan Bailor’s Quest Nutrition ‘Calorie Myths’ Video

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 07.02.14

    I am making this video response due to popular request as well as Quest Nutrition themselves who inquired with me asking what I thought of the video. I gave them my honest feedback and they encouraged me to make a …

    BioLayne Video Log 27 – How to Get Sponsored

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    This week’s topic is not super important or life changing but it’s a question I nonetheless come across quite a bit.  Hopefully this information will help you understand what it takes to get sponsored. www.youtube.com/biolayne www.twitter.com/biolayne www.facebook.com/laynenorton www.instagram.com/biolayne

    Protein Experts Respond to Recent Anti-Protein Claims

    Posted In: News  /  Posted On: 04.09.14

    As many of you know, a recent paper published in Cell Journal ( http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/abstract/S1550-4131%2814%2900062-X ) caused quite a stir in the fitness community.  The paper’s conclusion was very provocative and led many in the media to make egregious statements such …