• BioLayne Video Log 17 – Don’t F*** Up Your Peak Week (You are not smarter than your body)

    Posted In: Contest Prep  /  Posted On: 06.13.13

    In this week’s BioLayne Video log we examine some common peak week practices like cutting water, cutting sodium, and adding diuretics and discuss why they are suboptimal and what the science actually says. Link to my comprehensive peak week guide …

    BioLayne Video Log 16: Metabolic Damage v3.0 – Damage Control (A mechanistic discussion of metabolic adaptation)

    Posted In: Contest Prep  /  Posted On: 05.28.13
    BioLayne Video Log 16

    In the latest installment of the BioLayne video log we dive into some of the responses to the first two videos on metabolic damage/adaptation.  I was not prepared for the volume of response to the first two videos nor was …

    BioLayne Video Log 15 – Metabolic Damage v2.0 (Metabolic Capacity)

    Posted In: Contest Prep  /  Posted On: 04.26.13
    BioLayne Video Log 15

    In this BioLayne Video Log I describe what drove me to do the first Metabolic Damage Video Log, what the response has been, and more information about to recover and improve metabolic capacity. Metabolic Damage (Original video): Referenced Scientific Work …

    BioLayne Video Log 14 – Re-inventing the wheel with nonsensical supplements

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 03.26.13
    BioLayne Video Log 14

    In this week’s BioLayne Video log we talk about supplement companies trying to re-invent the wheel with BS supplements. We discuss a few popular ones today that have drastically mis-represnted research in order to sell something ‘novel.’

    Episode 3 of Muscle College Radio is Now LIVE! Dr. Wilson and I annihilate cardio myths!

    Posted In: News  /  Posted On: 03.16.13

    In episode 3 the docs discuss CARDIO: what is it? How is it regulated? How do nutrition, training, and supplements affect it? And what strategies can you use to maximize the benefits from it? http://rxmuscle.com/2013-01-11-01-57-36/muscle-college/7694-muscle-college-3-12-13.html

    BioLayne Video Log 13 – Bodybuilding and Fitness Industry Extremism

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 03.12.13
    BioLayne Video Log 13

    In the 13th installment of the BioLayne Video Log Layne discusses why most topics in bodybuilding have such extreme conflicting views. Why does this industry have such extremism with regards to nutrition and training? How did it get this way …