• Protein Experts Respond to Recent Anti-Protein Claims

    Posted In: News  /  Posted On: 04.09.14

    As many of you know, a recent paper published in Cell Journal ( http://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/abstract/S1550-4131%2814%2900062-X ) caused quite a stir in the fitness community.  The paper’s conclusion was very provocative and led many in the media to make egregious statements such …

    Times to meet Layne at the Arnold Classic

    Posted In: News  /  Posted On: 02.26.14

    Once again, the beginning of the physique competition season is upon us, and it kicks off with a BANG in the biggest way possible… with the Arnold Classic Sports Festival & IFBB Arnold Classic Invitational.  As always, Isabel and I …

    BioLayne Video Log 24 – Reverse Dieting

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 01.27.14

    In this BioLayne Video Log we discuss the benefits of reverse dieting to recover metabolic rate post diet and break the post diet massive weight regain cycle.  We discuss how to do it, and take a look at results from …

    BioLayne Video Log 23 – Is Your Weight Loss Diet Making You Fatter?

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 12.09.13

    In this BioLayne Video Log we discuss the data about low kcal diets and why they set people up for rapid weight regain and why they could actually lead to metabolic adaptations that push you towards increased fat accumulation over …