• BioLayne Video Log 23 – Is Your Weight Loss Diet Making You Fatter?

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 12.09.13

    In this BioLayne Video Log we discuss the data about low kcal diets and why they set people up for rapid weight regain and why they could actually lead to metabolic adaptations that push you towards increased fat accumulation over …

    Official 2014 Australian VIP Muscle Camp Tour Announcement

    Posted In: Appearances  /  Posted On: 10.29.13

    I am extremely excited to announce the 2014 Australian VIP Muscle Camp Tour! These 2 day camps will start the 2nd week of March and include top level training & nutrition experts as well as top natural pros. Guests include …

    Leaving a legacy: The BioLayne Foundation

    Posted In: News  /  Posted On: 10.03.13
    The BioLayne Foundation

    The purpose of the BioLayne Foundation is to improve the strength sports, fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc by providing financial assistance to the next generation of sports scientists through scholarships and research grants. 100% of the funds donated will be awarded. …