• Physique Science Radio Episode 15 – Dr. Mark Haub: The Twinkie Diet Professor

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 03.19.15

    In this episode we interview the famous or infamous Dr. Mark Haub, a professor at Kansas State University. He tells us about his background and about the inspiration for ‘The Twinkie Diet’ and why he has challenged conventional wisdom with …

    BioLayne Guest Blog by Jonathan Goodman – The Fitness Industry is Failing

    Posted In: Nutrition  /  Posted On: 02.20.15

    45% of Americans make New Years Resolutions with weight loss being the most prominent goal. 92% of those people fail. (Reference) The fitness industry is one of the most profitable, powerful, and persuasive industries in the World, and while there’s …

    BioLayne Video Log 33 – Time Under Tension Training: Data vs. Hype

    Posted In: Training  /  Posted On: 02.19.15

    A lot has been made about Time Under Tension (TUT) Training and there are a few studies out there examining it’s effectiveness. However, the data from these studies, while interesting has been largely misinterpreted, misrepresented, and misapplied. In this video …

    Physique Science Radio Episode 13 – Dr. Jason Cholewa Interview

    Posted In: Podcasts  /  Posted On: 02.17.15

    In this episode of Physique Science Radio, we talk with Dr. Jason Cholewa, a professor of exercise science at Coastal Carolina University about nutrition, training, and his non-linear path to becoming a professor.