The Biolayne Foundation

Investing in the next generation Donate Now Foundation Name: The Biolayne Foundation Fund

What Is The Foundation ?

The BioLayne Foundation is a philanthropic initiative established to award financial assistance to charities supporting applicants who are pursuing advanced degrees in the areas of sports training, nutrition, metabolic health or medicine, and intend to utilize their education to advance the science of bodybuilding, powerlifting and strength training.

A Philanthropic Initiative

The goal of this initiative is to improve the strength sports, fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc. by providing financial assistance to the next generation of sports scientists through scholarships and grants.

Make A Difference!

We believe in the next generation of scientist and their ability to have an impact on the health and success of strength sport atheletes. We are asking you to please join us in our effort to make a difference.

Scholarships & Grants

Each year the advisory board to The BioLayne Foundation will accept and review applications for grants presented to be board for consideration. Award determination will be made by the board for Masters and Ph.D level research and study of strength sports. Funds may be used for tuition assistance, graduate student support fees, professional travel, research and lab equipment.

The Biolayne Foundation Fund

A donor advised fund has been created under the governance of The Columbus Foundation. The BioLayne Foundation Fund is able to accept tax deductible donations and then award grants to any nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States. Almost all colleges and universities (both public and private) are registered public charities.

Levels of Sponsorship

$100 Bronze
$500 Bronze
$1000 Gold
$5000 Platinum
$10000 Olympia
$15000 Partner

Have a direct impact

100% of your donation will go directly to scholarships and grants
100% of you donation is tax deductible

Donate Now Foundation Name: The Biolayne Foundation Fund

Apply for a Grant

You must fill out the organizational application first. Once that is accepted you may fill out and submit a student grant application

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