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Many pre-workouts are long on promises, ingredients, and claims but short on results. Carbon Prep is the opposite. It’s not a proprietary blend. It’s not sprinkled with unfamiliar ingredients or walled behind bogus claims. There is no product “dusting.” Everything is scientifically dosed to bring you results based on clinical research.

Carbon Prep doesn’t have any “throwaway” ingredients that seem trendy, but are back by very little research–or severely under-dosed–and included only to make a product appear novel. Novelty for the sake of novelty is nonsense. Novelty is only valuable if an ingredient is also effective.

Carbon Prep contains only nine ingredients, but each is included for a specific purpose in the proper dose. Carbon Prep is also formulated to work synergistically with Carbon Post. Both work well as standalone products, but they work even better together because of their complementary ingredients.


The Benefits of Carbon Prep

The number one goal of Carbon Prep is to help you have more effective workouts–not just once, but every day. Increased consistent performance translates to more PRs, more reps, and more volume, so you can build more muscle over time. Carbon Prep contains ingredients that have been demonstrated to decrease fatigue during anaerobic and aerobic exercise as well as increase power output and strength.

In addition to physical performance, Carbon Prep enhances your mental performance. It improves your focus and cognitive function without the use of added stimulants so you can take it day in, day out without relying on large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants to perform optimally. This also makes Carbon Prep great for people who work out in the evening, want to use a pre-workout to enhance their performance, but want to be able to sleep well afterwards.


Carbon Prep can also help:

  • Increase lean body mass
  • Reduce excessive muscle damage
  • Increase blood flow and nitric oxide production, leading to a better pump and more nutrients to your muscles
  • Modestly increase fat oxidation
  • Improve subjective feelings of well-being, potentially allowing you to train harder


The Elements of Carbon Prep

Regardless of the packaging or promises on a bottle, it’s the ingredients and doses inside that make a supplement effective. Fortunately, Carbon Prep is as strong and powerfully dosed as possible. Take a peek at what makes Carbon Prep different.

Citrulline Malate – Citrulline malate is found in many pre-workouts in low doses. Carbon Prep contains a full dose of 6 g, because that’s what the research demonstrating improvements in performance and fatigue-resistance calls for (1,2).

L-citrulline is an amino acid that, when metabolized, turns into L-arginine. However, supplementing with citrulline is actually more effective than supplementing with arginine itself because, when ingested, citrulline does not undergo the same rate of liver metabolism that arginine does, making it more available in the body (3). This means it delivers a stronger performance result.

The bottom line: Not only does citrulline malate improve fatigue resistance during aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it can also decrease soreness, increase muscle protein synthesis, and lean body mass (4-8).

Creatine Monohydrate – The benefits of creatine are well-documented. It increases lean body mass, strength, performance, and phosphocreatine–an energy source–stores in muscle (9-11). The debate is what form of creatine is best. While many companies attempt to reinvent the wheel with new forms of creatine so they can charge you a premium, the overwhelming majority of research showing the benefits of creatine supplementation has been performed with creatine monohydrate. While some other forms may be as effective as creatine monohydrate, no other form has been demonstrated to be more effective than creatine monohydrate. Since creatine monohydrate is also less expensive than all other forms, Carbon Prep uses it to ensure you don’t spend an unnecessary amount of money.

BetaPower® Betaine Anhydrous – Betaine is a new and exciting supplement. Betaine supplementation has been demonstrated to improve performance and power output, and it may increase lean body mass (12,13). Carbon Prep delivers a full 2.5 g dose of betaine to ensure optimal results at a research-supported dose. Beyond that, the trademarked BetaPower® Betaine Anhydrous is the only betaine patented for exercise performance. It is also backed by peer-reviewed publications demonstrating sports-performance benefits.

Astragalus membranaceus – This herbal extract has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Today, studies suggest that when combined with exercise, astragalus membranaceus may result in enhanced endurance capacity and reduced negative byproducts associated with strenuous exercise such as blood lactate and ammonia. It has also been shown to have beneficial effects on inflammation and the immune system (14,15).

Carnipure® L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT) is the form of carnitine typically used in research studies that demonstrate benefits from carnitine supplementation. Carnitine has been shown to improve workout performance by decreasing fatigue and blood lactate and slightly increasing power output (16,17). LCLT may also decrease delayed onset muscle soreness and increase androgen receptor density in muscle cells (18,19). More androgen receptors in muscle cells may mean that your current levels of anabolic hormones like testosterone may work more efficiently and your body can respond more appropriately to these hormones. Androgens like testosterone contribute to muscle growth by stimulating myogenesis, the formulation of muscular tissue. Further, LCLT may also increase blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients to hard-working muscles (20).

Cocoa Powder – Cocoa is one of the more reliable supplements on the market for increasing blood flow, even in healthy people (21,22). Many supplements note an effect in populations with compromised blood flow by using other ingredients, but few show difference in healthy individuals. It also may improve insulin sensitivity (23). Although the benefits of cocoa are well known, the mechanism by which the cocoa flavanols work is still being researched. Currently, it is believed to work in multiple ways, including activation of nitric oxide as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Alpha-Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline – Alpha-GPC is a choline-containing phospholipid, used to make acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) and phosphatidylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is vital for cognitive function and the communication between neurons. In addition to demonstrating cognitive benefits, it’s a great pre-workout ingredient because it can improve power output, possibly even better than caffeine (24).

Rhodiola Rosea Extract – Rhodiola Rosea may be one of the most underrated pre-workout ingredients. There is very strong evidence that it decreases fatigue even at a relatively low dose (25). It also improves cognition and decreases the rate of perceived exertion (26). Finally, it has been demonstrated to decrease muscle damage (27). This means you can train harder, longer, and recover faster. Carbon Prep delivers a full dose to bring you all the benefits.

Huperzine A – Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that has been demonstrated in research studies to improve cognition, memory, and task learning (28-30). As an inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, huperzine A inactivates this enzyme, leading to acetylcholine accumulation and hyperstimulation of the receptors. As a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine transmits signals from one cell to another, allowing communication. This provides many benefits to the autonomic, peripheral and central nervous systems, which control the body and communication of its parts.


Your Best Workout, Bottled

Carbon Prep is designed to give you better workouts that are consistently repeatable. Most pre-workouts rely on a hefty dose of stimulants to mask under-dosed ingredients. While your performance may improve in the short-term with these weak blends, the long-term viability of maintaining workouts at that level is very low.

With Carbon Prep, I have created a performance enhancing pre-workout that works independently of added stimulants to help deliver optimal workout performance and focus that is maintainable and replicable. Train harder, train longer, train more effectively, and recover faster. That’s the promise of Carbon Prep, but it only works if you do.



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