24 Grams Of Protein Per Serving

A Pure Highly Anabolic Protein To Support Muscle Growth And Recovery


Product Information

Pure Protein Formula

When I set out to make Carbon Build, I didn’t set out to revolutionize the protein market, but bring it back to what really matters: high-quality protein at an extremely affordable price. I did six years of research concerning different protein sources, and what I found is that protein isn’t magic. You just need to get enough of it from quality places.

So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel by formulating some “magic protein” comprised of small amounts of obscure proteins so I could claim my blend is somehow better than everyone else’s and charge more money for it, I decided to get back to basics. That’s what Build is. It’s not fancy. It’s not sexy. It just works.
Build is made from a top-quality whey protein isolate that delivers 24 grams of protein per serving and over a whopping 3 grams of leucine per serving. Couple that with under 1 gram of carb and fat, and you’ve got a very pure source of a highly anabolic protein that tastes unbelievable.


Building Blocks

Why’d I use whey protein isolate? In my research, my colleagues and I consistently demonstrated that whey protein is the most anabolic protein for muscle when compared gram per gram against other protein sources. [1][2] Amongst the whey proteins on the market, all seem equally anabolic. There’s nothing wrong with a whey protein concentrate, and it’s less expensive than an isolate.

However, there is a large population of people who don’t tolerate or digest whey protein concentrate well, and a sizeable dose of whey concentrate can send them running to the bathroom. Furthermore , a concentrate has a much higher concentration of carbohydrate and fat than isolate. So to make Build as clean and effective to the largest possible audience, I went with isolate.

Some supplement aficionados have suggested that whey hydrolysate may be superior to isolate for muscle growth, but that is not supported by any scientific data. A hydrolysate is also more expensive and does not taste nearly as good as an isolate. The only benefit for a hydrolysate is that it’s very easily digested and tolerated by even the most sensitive of stomachs.


The Benefits of Build

Whey protein has a long track record of improving muscle protein synthesis and increasing muscle mass and strength in people who lift weights. [3][4] I also mentioned the leucine content. Leucine is the amino acid responsible for increasing muscle protein synthesis and driving muscle growth. Three grams, the amount in a serving of Build, is the potential threshold amount needed to maximize the rate of muscle protein synthesis in humans. [5] Build makes sure that you hit your leucine threshold with each and every scoop so you don’t leave any gains in the bottle.


Try Carbon Build

I’ve been studying protein metabolism for years. I want the best when it comes to protein supplementation, and I want you to have the best, too. Build tastes great, is low-carb, contains very little fat, and is packed with highly anabolic whey protein isolate. Try it today to build the strength and size you deserve.



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