Video Q&A Session #53

Layne answers all of your personally asked questions on Vitamin C, protein, genetics, training, and more.

Question on Vitamin C. I’ve been taking about 1g per day supplement after reading it seems to have an immune boosting effect for those who train hard regularly. But some recent info looks like it may have detrimental effects on exercise adaptations. Do you think the pros outweigh the cons on vitamin C?

Ward S.

Hey Layne! Really appreciate your hard work and help. I’m a pretty light guy (150 lbs. at about 8% body fat), and so Avatar gives me about 150g of protein a day. That’s a lot less than I used to eat (by probably about 80g). If you were me, how’d you spread your protein intake throughout the day?

Derek J.

Hi layne, recently watched your interview with Ben coomber back in 2014 I believe it was. In the interview you talked about the different types of hypertrophy i.e. mechanical, metabolic and so on. could you explain those In more detail? how do we apply these in training? are the specific rep ranges for each for example? or if you could possibly link something I could read I would be great full. many thanks

James W.

If calories, protein and fiber are in line with your desired fitness goals, how does alcohol consumption fit into the equation? Have you noticed anything specifically with your clients? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I appreciate it.

Dave P.

Hi Layne, I’m just an average guy trying to get into better shape. I had some DNA testing done by fitness genes a few months ago. One of the results was that my genes implied a better response to higher rep range (12-15) training. I’ve largely trained in the 4-6 range. I’m open to trying the higher reps for a few months but worried about losing strength. Should I be worried?

Also how much reliance should one place on gene testing in terms of informing training style?

Ravjiv S.

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