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Video Q&A Session #118

Layne answers your personally asked questions on everything from the workout builder, reverse dieting, meal timing, supplementation, deadlifting and more.

You’ve mentioned several times (and in the Reverse Diet book) that the period AFTER the diet is the most crucial period. At what point during a reverse diet is one out of the “crucial period” / danger zone? E.g., after gradually raising calories for a few months, is one no longer at risk of generating new adipocytes?

Colin M.

Hey Layne, you may have spoken on this matter before, and in which case I do apologize for repeating a question. I workout in the evening time(around 7/7:30PM). Leading up to this I’ve had the rest of my other meals with one left over, the post workout meal. Should I do a Post workout shake(Whey iso, oats, PB powder, almond milk) or should I have a meal? Or would it be wiser to have a shake and then a meal, so essentially have my post workout and a meal be my last two meals of the day?

Ryan M

Hi Layne, I am 200 pounds male struggling to lose weight. I make sure that I track my calories and macros very carefully but I am not losing weight. Is it ok if I keep reducing calories considering that I want to lose at least 20 pounds? Thanks!

Osama S

In the chance COVID-19 doesn’t clear up as quickly as people keep “claiming”, what are some ideas you can come up with in regards to setting up for barbell exercises? In my case, it would have to be a portable option that I could take into my yard as there isn’t any room in the house.

Alex H

I just finished the second block of the advanced powerlifting program the day before they closed all the gyms in my area. This means I will be at least 2 weeks without a gym or weights. When the gyms do open back up, would you recommend I restart the second block over or the whole program over? Thank you!

Samuel S

Vitamin C. Do you recommend taking the time released/sustained release over the normal ones? What’s your recommended dosage for 1000mg per day?

Kah H.

Benefits of consuming fish oil Omega-3 capsules for people who don’t have access to fatty fishes? Are they what they claim to be? Improve heart function, joint health, brain function etc?

Kah H

Hey Layne, looks like many people will be stuck inside with no access to a gym for the foreseeable future. Can you make an at home program for people with minimal equipment (pull up bar, resistance bands..)

Alim L

Hi Layne thanks for all the great content. Can you explain the benefits and drawbacks between quickly upping your training volume and slowly increasing your training volume?

Richard G

Hi! Loving the workout builder so far. Im currently doing my first cycle of the Powerlifting Meet peaking Cycle Intermediate and my squat is consistenly improving and deadlift is doing fine, however bench has declined. Prior to this i did three consecutive runs of PH3 where I saw major strength gains. My question is how should I deal with my bench press declining despite DL and SQT improving. For context: current PRs 180/120/205 KG.

Christopher L

When in a cut or trying to lose body fat, how important is monitoring your sugar intake or keeping your sugar intake low, assuming all of your other macronutrients are in check and you are in good health(i.e. not diabetic, ect.)?

Tyler S

Layne, how do you respond to people who say sumo is easier than conventional?

Samuel S

1- I heard Dr. Mike israetel saying that if you do more than 10-12 hard sets (not to failure) per muscle group per session it will be a junk sets and wont lead to more muscle growth and it will be just fatiguing. How true is this ? A coach in my gym let my try his workout which has 24+ sets per muscle group to ABSOLUTE failure.. it was so awful but after two weeks it seems my body got used to it and I increased the weights on the bar each week.

2- I like your workout builder I tried them before and got good results from them . If i want to start a cut .. when and how should I add cardio to my workout routine .. should it be LISS or HIIT.

Rashed A.

I’m a beginner lifter. Do you have a resource recommendation for guidance for lifting using a Smith Machine? I have a gym I go to with proper equipment, but my schedule often profits me from going so I have to use the neighborhood gym. Unfortunately, it only has dumbbells up to 50 lbs and a Smith Machine. Can I still do the exercises in the Beginners program with that equipment?

Thanks to you and your team for all of your great work!

Devin B

Hi what is the current position stand for building muscle and cutting for contrst prep with regards to implementing nutritional strategies. Also do your books ( conttest prep) have reference to studies ? Thank you.

Salqa P.

Does creatine cause hair loss and acne?

Julia S

What adjustments should be made when training on a menstrual cycle? Ex: if I have trouble hitting my reps with programmed weight for squats should I lower the weight or lower the reps?

Kristen W

If you were to sell a pre-workout again and had zero budget constraints, what ingredients and doses would you put in it?

Adam D

I have a question about nutrition. I’m a 240 lb man with about 31% body fat. My goal is to lose about 70lb. I’m 45 years old. I’m doing keto combined with 20:4 intermittent fasting and it very nicely fits my lifestyle.
I have a detailed log for my nutrients. My problem is a gap between the number of calories I need to feel satiated and the number of calories recommended for steady weight loss.

I typically feel great and satiated at about 1500-1700 calories. Based on all the formulas, the calorie intake recommended for weight loss is about 2000+. Should I force-feed myself extra 300-500 calories or go with what feels good?

Sergey Z

I have a genuine question regarding scientific communication and what you do:

Have you considered getting on The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast?

They focus on scientific skepticism and science communication and seldom have anyone that discusses exercise and diet because of how many hacks are out there.

I think you being on would help increase your name recognition amongst those that aren’t likely to find you but want a legitimate source for information.

Diego P

You’ve probably flogged a dead horse several times on this one so I apologize in advance.

I’ve been consistently losing bodyfat on 200g of carbs a day. If suddenly I decide to radically change everything and increase that number to an average of 400g of carbs a day while keeping protein, fiber, calories and overall activity level the same. Could that in theory slow down my weight loss?

Joe B

Due to lack of ankle mobility, I like to do my squats with elevated heels. I use plates for this. I like that I can have a better upright position and I feel I can push more weight this way and get into a much deeper position. Would there be any issues long-term with this?

Joe B

I know this is not your area of expertise so I apologize in advance but I’m curious if you can weigh-in on this issue. Four years ago I woke up with sudden deafness in my left ear. After asking two MD’s and two ENT’s, it appears that the most probable cause is viral. But it isn’t definitive. Since then I’ve never recovered my hearing and can only hear 10% in my left ear.

When I’m working out, it happens very often that I get so much intracranial pressure that either one ear or both ears clog and I get temporary and mild hearing loss. One of the ENT’s said this was normal but it shouldn’t happen too often, he suspected overtraining. I try to breathe correctly, I don’t push the Valsava too much, and I don’t train beyond my muscular capacity. Do you think training or overtraining could lead to ear damage in some cases? Let’s just say sometimes I forget all about it and sometimes I get very worried as I only have one functionnal ear now and I’m only 26 years old…

Joe B

I hear a lot of clients talking about friends/family doing the “snake diet” which sounds ridicules. People are eating a low carb meal every 48-72 hours. You talk a lot about intermittent fasting … I would love to hear your thought on the benefits/dangers of these longer fast.

Jami D

I am a new member to your site, however, I have been a huge fan for years and own your Complete Contest Prep book. Can’t wait for your app. Anyway, I have been looking into adding a Greens Powder supplement since I am on a cut but I am a bit skeptical about their claimed benefits. Are there any greens powder supplements you recommend or are they all dog shit? Thanks in advance!

Roman L

I have been lifting 4 to 5 days a week since this past July. I was able to afford a PT for the first five months. We hammered the basics on form, so I would feel good on my own. I love it, and I’m interested in powerlifting. What would be a good progression with the various workout builder programs to help my toward powerlifting. I’m a 37 yo female. Thanks Layne!

Mary A

Hey Layne! I’m almost done with my third round of bodybuilder beginner (I’m blown away by the progress I’ve made) and I’m planning to start upper body focus after I finish. After the 1RM test day(s), should I take a few days off to recover, or should I just start the new program? What are your thoughts on recovery after a 1RM test day?
Thank you. You’ve inspired me in more ways than I could list here!

Bryce G

Where can I find out more information on dieting on my members page?

Johnny R

Is there an optimal amount of bcaas to take after a workout to jumpstart recovery? Is just 2 grams of leucine sufficient or is there a better number?

Samuel S

Thank You for sharing your knowledge it is very meaningful.

When evaluating research how accurate are those studies that have subjects that self report versus controlled studies with sequestered subjects?

Donald M

I am about to complete week 4 of the Bodybuilder Beginner program and just completed my first rep test. I actually managed to squat 11 reps at the suggested weight, but the 1 RM MAX dropbox only goes to 10 reps. Just go with the 10 rep calculated 1 RM MAX number?

Yunsung H

Hello dr layne i want to know your opinion about the mev , mav , mrv concept .

do you prefer to start your mesocycle on mev and finish it on mrv ? or to do all the mesocycle in the MAV and only progress with weights or reps ?

I will be happy if you mention my Instagram account I’m trainer and fitness nutritionist

Michael K

How can I improve my insulin sensitivity? Currently I’m eating around 120g of carbs a day (2500 kcal total), eating more than that results in sugar crashes – they are really horrible during the night, if I eat about 150g or more during the day I’ll wake up at 3-4am with my stomach growling and I have to eat something to fall back asleep. I’m not obese btw, quite the opposite, for the last 2-3 years I was underfeeding myself due to stress and lost a lot of weight. I didn’t have any issues with blood sugar handling before that stressful period. I’m getting back on track with nutrition and working out after a few years but this frustrates me, as I have to eat a shitload of fat everyday to get to my 2500 kcal. 🙁

Filip F

No question. Just, THANK YOU FOR YOU THE “Sugar Is The Most Addicting Drug” video! It helped in my “detox” from all the demonizing of carbs and sugar I’ve heard over the last five years. You’re doing the Lord’s work, Layne. Crushing lies and exposing truth!

Devin B

In regards to Beginner Bodybuilder workout, where is the best place to sub in hip thrusts?

I see that you allow this as a substitute for dead lift, but I’d prefer to not do that if possible.


Hunter S

Where can we fit abs into the beginner body building workout builder?

Which exercises do you recommend ?

Hunter S

For a female bikini competitor I have an extremely dominant upper body. In fact according to my InBody scans my upper body and trunk actually have more muscle than my legs and glutes do. I am currently using your Advanced Booty builder program but there is still some upper body in there about for about 1.5 sessions. Should I stop working out my upper body to bring my lower body up quicker? How many days a week should I realistically train glutes for growth? I place well in bikini shows, even took a few overall champions but the second I got to USA’s I was basically dead last. please help.

Courtney C

Just started bodybuilder beginner workout builder and have some questions.

Why are there different accessory exercises for different weeks? Example: week 1 day 1 doesn’t have the same exercises as week 2 day 1.

Should we be doing progressive overload on these accessory exercises as well?

Hunter S

Do you think there are any benefits to wearing a weighted vest daily other than burning more calories or would it do more harm than good?

Samuel S