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Salt Isn’t Your Enemy! It’s SUGAR!

Studies discussed:

Dietary salt may be casual for salt-sensitive hypertension:

51% of hypertensive people have a salt sensitivity and 26% of normotensive people have a salt sensitivity

Sugar only increases hypertension & CVD risk when it adds additional calories. Meta-analysis:

Fat is only harmful in the presence of refined carbohydrate?

Well refined carbohydrates are only harmful in the presence of dietary fat:
https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1200726 (study where patients lost an average of 140 lbs and improved all blood markers of health following a diet made up of mostly white rice, fruit, juice, and white sugar)


Kuna of panama get 65% of their dietary calories (USA is only 49%) from carbohydrate (& 17% from sugar) and are lean and do not develop heart disease:

Dietary fat and carbohydrate are EQUALLY fattening when overconsumed:

Junk food increases hunger

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