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BioLayne Video Log 16: Metabolic Damage v3.0 – Damage Control (A mechanistic discussion of metabolic adaptation)

In the latest installment of the BioLayne video log we dive into some of the responses to the first two videos on metabolic damage/adaptation.  I was not prepared for the volume of response to the first two videos nor was I prepared for the level of blowback from the coaches who perpetuate these starvation diets & endless hours of cardio.  Here I address the ‘Damage Control’ that these people are trying to implement to save face.  I also spent a lot of time talking about specific research on the metabolic adaptations to low kcal/excessive exercise including a review paper from the University of Colorado entitled ‘Biology’s response to dieting: the impetus for weight regain’ published in the American Journal of Physiology that is the best piece of literature I’ve ever read regarding this subject.  We cover many of the adaptations that happen due to the ‘energy gap’ created by low kcal/excessive exercise and how they can set you up for massive metabolic slowing & weight regain when dieting is done improperly.

Original Metabolic Damage video:

Metabolic Damage v2.0 (Metabolic Capacity):

Research studies discussed in this video

Biology’s response to dieting:

Metabolic responses to prolonged weight reduction:

Adipose gene expression in response to caloric restriction & weight regain:

Calorie restruction increases mitochondrial efficiency:

The defense of body weight:

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