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BioLayne Video Log 11 – reader Q&A

In the latest BioLayne video log we take questions from readers and break down some of the biggest bodybuilding myths:

1. Lifting weights will stunt your growth.
2.Having sex/masturbating before a workout depletes your energy levels/testosterone and kills gains.
3. To get ripped, lift lighter weights with more reps.
4. When you stop weight training muscle turns to fat.
5.Eating fats will make you fat.
6.Egg yolks are bad for you.
7. Creatine damages kidneys.
8.  Ass to grass is the only way to squat.
9. Doing abs everyday.
10. Your body can only use a maximum of 50 grams of protein/day. You instantly piss out the rest.
11. You lose all your gains as soon as you stop taking creatine.
12. Girls scared of instantly becoming too bulky as soon as they touch a weight.

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Amanda Bucci

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- Amanda Bucci ( Athlete)
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