How Much Protein Should You Have in a Meal?

Recently a study that was discussed on Jackson Peos’ Instagram was brought to my attention regarding protein intake at a single meal. There are many myths surrounding meal protein intake such as the idea that you can only absorb a certain amount of protein at a meal. This has shown to be complete nonsense, as virtually all protein can be absorbed depending on how much is bioavailable, and that does not seem to be affected by the amount of protein, but simply the inherent bio availability of the source

Studies on muscle protein synthesis show a cap of maximal stimulation for MPS at approximately 25 to 50 g of protein at a meal, depending upon the source of protein, and the amount of lean body mass of the individual. In the study discussed on Jackson’s Instagram, researchers fed a very high protein meal of 70 g, versus a protein meal of 40 g. They determined that while the rates of muscle protein synthesis were the same, whole body proteins synthesis was grader in the 70 g protein meal. This lead some people to conclude that protein distribution doesn’t matter, since it’s possible to get a greater anabolic response to a single meal of protein by just eating more total protein at that meal.

In this video I break down why those conclusions are over interpreting the results of this study

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