Interviews from the 2012 International Society of Sports Nutrition

Whenever I go to conferences I always pick up a lot of new information.  Obviously the 2012 ISSN conference put out a ton of great info and I was fortunate enough to participate in it, presenting my own research on protein distribution which you can view in this video:

If you’d like a closer look at my poster you can download it as well

2012 Layne Norton ISSN Research Poster

I also came across some really great data from the lab of my good friend, Dr. Jacob Wilson who is a professor at the University of Tampa.  They examined a new form of HMB (free acid) and it’s effects on muscle, strength, and recovery during a overreaching training cycle in well trained individuals.  Their findings were pretty astonishing, see below:

After talking with Dr. Wilson and his students, it looks like I will be collaborating much more with the University of Tampa lab on future research.