Announcing: Booty Builder Intermediate, Layne Rebuild Phase 2

Did you enjoy the first 12 week phase of our booty builder? Good, because now we have the intermediate phase ready for you. This time we upped the difficulty and the frequency to ensure results for years to come.

The Booty Builder Intermediate Phase builds upon the previous phase by adding:

  • More lower body frequency so you can properly overload your posterior chain
  • More volume via an extra day of lifting so you can overcome the adaptations you experienced before
  • Dedicated core work so that you can develop a good working relationship between your spine and your glutes


Not only that, phase two of my ‘Rebuild’ program is up.

If you remember, this one is modeled after my current training protocol with a focus on building my spine up so that it can handle the pressure of powerlifting. With that in mind, the rebuilder has a focus on

  • Anti-lateral flexion work so my spine can resist movement in the wrong directions
  • Dr. McGill’s exercises so you can both rehab and prehab any potential injuries you might have
  • A focus on building the skills of mastering your lifts as opposed to wantonly ramping up the volume with no endgame in mind
  • GPP work to keep your activity levels high so you can make up for the lack of crazy volume in the big lifts
  • A guide so you can choose the exercises that work best for you so you don’t get stuck with a cookie cutter insta-workout

So, head on over here and grab the workout builder and customize your future in strength and aesthetics today.

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