Layne’s guest appearance on the Ben Coomber Podcast & announcement of May 2014 UK Tour

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Ben Coomber podcast.

In this episode of Ben’s podcast we touch on a number of topics:

-Motivation & never quit attitude

-Metabolic Adaptation

-Problems in the fitness industry

-The problems with pseudo experts

As well as a host of other topics.

Ben and I also announced our May 2014 tour of the UK to conduct seminars and day camps in addition to my attendance at BodyPower.  I’m extremely excited to meet many of the people from the UK that I’ve corresponded with over the years.  Details of the tour will be forthcoming soon.  Stay tuned to my website and for details!

For those of you who like video interviews, you can check out the video of our interview on Ben’s Youtube: