If you’ve spent any time looking at lifting gear, you know there’s a lot to choose from. It can be hard to know what’s actually worth buying.

In this article, I will examine common lifting gear and explain its use and benefit. You will learn what equipment you should use based on your goals and experience level. If you’re looking to increase performance in the gym and reduce your chance of injury, this guide is for you.

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1. Lifting Chalk

Lifting chalk is made from magnesium carbonate (MgCO3). This inorganic salt is insoluble in water, which makes it different than other forms of chalk.

Since lifting chalk is insoluble in water, it doesn’t run off with sweat and helps keep your hands dry. If you’ve ever tried to grip a barbell with sweaty hands, you know how difficult it is. Lifting chalk helps grip the barbell harder and allows you to hold more weight.

If you don’t want the mess of powder or your gym doesn’t allow it, you can buy liquid lifting chalk. This is magnesium carbonate that is applied like lotion to your hands. The only downside is you can’t put it on as thick, and it doesn’t last long.

Lifting chalk isn’t just for your hands. It can be used on your upper back to help with the squat and bench press. By chalking your upper back for squats, it helps keep the bar in position and stops it from rolling. This tends to be more important if you’re a low bar squatter. While benching, it helps you keep an arch even when the pad is slippery. Maintaining an arch and staying in position on the bench may give you a stronger base to press from.

Who Should Use Chalk?

Anyone looking to improve their grip, maintain an arch on the bench press, or keep the bar from rolling during squats should use chalk.

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