It’s an age-old question. What’s better for you, more reps, more weight, or both? Well, it depends on a few factors. They both fall under the banner of progressive overload, provided you are increasing them over time. And both will yield results provided that you increase the overload in a smart fashion. So with that, let’s look at a simple law that we all know when we see it.



On a subtle level, you know what this is. You know that doing the same exact thing over and over again will yield no results and cause you to backslide. It’s called the law of accommodation. Vladimir Zatsiorsky conflated it to exercise stating that

If athletes employ the same training load over a long period of time, performance improvement (gain) decreases. This is a manifestation of accommodation, often considered a general law of biology. According to this law, the response of a biological object to a constant stimulus decreases over time.

So as you accommodate you stop adapting to whatever it is you’re doing. So you have to change a particular stimulus. Two of the biggest training stimuli you have control of are volume and intensity. In addition to that, you can also change the exercises themselves. So what should your focus be? It depends on your specific goals and it depends on your life.

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