Squats are awesome. Improving your squat is even better, yet it becomes harder to do the longer you’ve been doing it. So I have four variations that are going to allow you to do the following:

  1. Train your squat with minimal changes in your groove
  2. Put less stress on your shoulders
  3. Teach you how to get tighter
  4. Strengthen your abs

The downside? You may not have everything listed, but there are alternatives that you will be able to perform. It all depends on the type of gym you attend. So let’s fix your squat.


1. Cambered Bar Squats

I am starting with this one first because it is the one you will see the least. Don’t let it deter you, though. You’ll notice when you use the cambered bar that upon unracking the weight it isn’t anywhere close to being as stable as having the bar on your back. In fact, you’ll notice it move around a bit until you control it.

Cambered Bar | Biolayne

This means you have to practice your abdominal bracing, and slow the movement down. So after moving some serious weight with this bar, you’ll get even better at the tension required in a regular barbell squat. The only downside—or upside, depending on your injury history—is that your arm position won’t be the same. Your hands will be well below your shoulders for this particular squat. However, if you lack decent shoulder mobility or are recovering from an injury, then this variation will be useful for you.

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