Briefly, I mentioned progressive overload before. Last time, I spoke of volume, intensity, and density as three primary metrics to measure your progressive overload.

But those metrics aren’t the only metrics you can use to measure your progress. In fact, there are more subtle ways to do so, especially as your training age increases. And in measuring these other variables, you’ll notice a synergy that feeds into your volume, density, and intensity. With that in mind, we’ll talk about the range of motion (ROM), the quality, and the speed of an exercise as metrics to measure.


Range of Motion

ROM is the degree in which a joint can move in the directions in which it can move. So for the majority of our exercises, you look at it in terms of flexion and extension. If you can exceed the established parameters of these movements, you are hyper-mobile. If you can’t come close to their movement potential, you are hypo-mobile.
So if you undertake an exercise and your ROM is suboptimal, your goal is to increase the range of motion. If you increase the ROM, you wind up moving the weight further, and using more of your muscle(s) to do so.

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