Some people change their deadlift style as often as they change their socks.

In fact, probably even more regularly for some of the less hygiene-conscious guys out there.

One session they’ll be pulling conventional, then they’ll go home, watch a video of their favorite YouTuber, or get started talking to a powerlifter in the gym, and Deadlift session rolls round again, then they find just don’t jive with the wider stance approach, so go back to their first choice again.

And the cycle continues, all the while they stay stuck exactly where they are, never getting enough frequency or volume on one style to make any meaningful, tangible progress.

It’s easy to assume that changing your deadlift style based on the latest research and what the strongest guys in the world are doing is the way to ‘fix’ a crummy pull. Or think that if you’re at a plateau, it MUST be because you’re using the wrong technique.


Getting stronger and making progress on your deadlift really doesn’t have much to do with what stance you use – it all comes down to getting consistent time with the bar, using a smart, periodised approach to your training, and consistently implementing progressive overload.

But leaving it there would make for one boring article.

So with that in mind – the type of deadlift you opt for does matter, and there are several key factors to take into account when picking which one to use.

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