For years doctors and fitness professionals have been prescribing aerobic exercise to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and aid in fat loss, as well as to improve overall health parameters.
There’s an abundance of research supporting these claims and, for many individuals, forms of low intensity aerobic exercise is a great way to get fit and stay active [1].

However, the simple goal of getting and staying active probably doesn’t prioritize for many of the readers here. For those looking to take things to the next level and significantly improve their muscle mass or overall physique then aerobic training alone has some limitations.

First off, it tends to take a very long time where you could be focusing on building muscle; additionally, research has shown that, for those who are striving to maintain or increase lean mass, low intensity aerobic exercise may potentially conflict with these adaptations [2].

These issues have led researchers and strength / fitness professionals to search for an equally effective alternative to traditional aerobic training. The solution is known as HIIT, standing for High Intensity Interval Training which, in the last decade, has taken the health, sport and fitness world by storm!


Well, as HIIT has grown in popularity so has the research supporting it, with studies concluding that HIIT is either equally or even more effective than aerobic training for fat loss, improving VO2 max (main measure of fitness), sprinting performance and even several clinical markers related to cardiovascular disease.

Best of all? You can achieve this while working out for a 1/4 of the time [3]!

Here’s an ultimate guide to HIIT, what it is, how it works and how to perform it yourself.

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