The use of recovery aids to reduce the time-period for recover between exercise sessions is an emerging fad. The spectrum of muscle damage or injury ranges from mild to moderate exercise-induced damage by way of differing degrees of muscle strain and tearing, and possible contusion, laceration, and crush injury more related to contact sports.

Figure 1: A normal skeletal muscle fiber at rest [5]
Figure 1: A normal skeletal muscle fiber at rest [5]

Similarly, the muscle growth and repair response is related to the degree, location and extent of the muscle damage. Resistance exercise can cause skeletal muscle damage especially in those who are categorized as untrained. However, due to the training effect adaptation to the exercise, a trained person may not experience the same magnitude of muscle damage as the untrained person and therefore a lesser response. Figure 1 shows an image of a human skeletal muscle fiber before training followed by Figure 2 and Figure 3 which show differing degrees of damage from the resistance training bout.

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