Whether you are a bikini competitor, an aspiring bikini competitor or someone who simply wishes to look like a bikini competitor, training is paramount to transforming your physique. But what is the most optimal way to train? Social media makes it hard to distinguish what is ‘right’ for you with so many conflicting messages. There are some girls who preach light weights and only seem to do kickbacks and ‘plyos’ while other girls squat and hip thrust massive amounts of weight and promote lifting heavy weights. What’s a girl to do?!

Through years of self-experimentation and using scientific principles to guide programming, I have found what seems to be optimal for most people. I have italicized most people because not everyone will respond the same – but this is simply a guide so tweak as needed. This article serves as a blueprint to train like a bikini competitor.


Do a Little Bit of Everything

The examples I gave in the beginning are extremes on both ends of the training spectrum – exclusively heavy or light load training. As with most things physique related, I try to stay away from solely working in extremes – training is no different. Proper programming for the bikini competitor or bikini physique should incorporate heavy, moderate and light loads. I believe utilizing all three types of loading schemes creates a complete program. At different parts of an offseason or a prep, you may incorporate one type of loading more than the other, but all three schemes should be present in your programming at all times.

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