Ever watch the film Limitless? Well, today we are going to see if it’s possible to re-create the infamous pill NZT-48 with natural supplements. Here we go…

Nootropics, also referred to as “smart drugs,” or cognitive enhancers, are drugs or supplements that can potentially boost overall brain function, focus and productivity. They have become part of a popular movement not only in the fitness world, but even the corporate and entrepreneurial world, apparently helping people take their training or business to a new level.

While most companies hide the specifics behind proprietary blends, they generally all contain the same few common ingredients. Below is a list of some of the most research proven and common ingredients which allows you to pick the best nootropic supplement or even create your own from the core ingredients.


Ginkgo Biloba

A medicinal plant from Traditional Chinese Medicine which is currently in the top 10 list for most popular dietary supplements [1].

This ingredient has been long marketed as a preventative agent for cognitive decline, with research supporting its use in individuals above the age of 65 or in those already suffering from forms of cognitive impairment [2][3][4].

In addition, while boosts in memory have also been promoted when using Ginkgo biloba supplementation, this is only consistently witnessed when testing those 65+ or when measuring short-term memory processing tests in those who already suffer from forms of memory loss [4][5].

Unfortunately for a healthy adult, there is little evidence to support significant increases in daily memory. Additionally, there is very little evidence to support practically any or significant increases in short-term memory, working memory, or any general cognitive improvements in young, healthy children or adults [5].

In summary, while it can boost cognition slightly in those suffering from cognitive decline, this effect is not very reliable for most of the readers here. Furthermore, in a study statistical significance does not always equate to practical significance in real life.

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