Bartolomei S, Stout JR, Fukuda DH, Hoffman JR, Merni F. Block vs. Weekly Undulating Periodized Resistance Training Programs in Women. J Strength Cond Res. 2015 Oct;29(10):2679-87.

The numbers of options for females to choose from when deciding on a resistance-training program are extensive. Two of the most popular programming methodologies that currently exist are block periodization and daily undulating periodization. In a block periodization model, there are short-term training phases, called blocks that have a unique goal and a typical duration of about 4 weeks per phase. Each block focuses on developing a few selected abilities using concentrated straining stimuli. The first goal of a block periodization program is usually focused on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, whereas subsequent blocks are dedicated to maximal strength and power.

Weekly Undulating Periodization differs from Block Periodization. Instead of focusing on hypertrophy, strength, or power for a month at a time, Weekly Undulating Periodization focuses on each of these goals for a week at a time. Using the month of April as an example, Block Periodization would focus on only one goal/ability for the entire 4 weeks – such as maximizing muscular strength. In contrast, Weekly Undulating Periodization would break up the month of April into 4 one-week phases, with each week focusing on a different goal/ability. Week 1 may focus on strength, week 2 on power, week 3 on hypertrophy, and week 4 on strength, etc.

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