For many physique orientated athletes alcohol is avoided like the plague; however, there are some people who drink on a weekly basis and still stay in great shape year round. Are these just genetic freaks or is it possible for anyone to achieve a balance while still enjoying the occasional alcohol beverage?

In this article we will break down the science of the famous ‘beer belly’, investigating the effects alcohol has on your goals and the best way to approach drinking, if /when you do drink.


How Alcohol Works

On a basic level the human body reacts to alcohol as a toxin; we simply weren’t designed to consume it on a regular basis.

When we ingest poison, our body’s, and especially our liver’s, primary concern is to remove these toxins as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just like multi-tasking in daily life, our metabolism must put a halt on the rest of our body’s normal metabolic processes, such as the metabolism of glucose (carbohydrates) and fat to focus on this detoxification process.

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