If you have been in the fitness game for a while, you are very familiar with all the fuss around pre and post workout nutrition. For years, people were very concerned with what they should do with their post workout nutrition. Whether to drink a shake, eat a meal, and how much to eat were of utmost importance. Then, people became just as concerned with similar issues surrounding pre-workout nutrition. Of course, this all stemmed from a desire to optimally fuel a workout for maximal performance and muscle gain. These days, most people opt for a high carbohydrate, moderate protein pre-workout meal.

Certainly, the conventional wisdom seems to suggest that you need to eat a meal before you work out. However, is that really the case? These days, there are plenty of people who would rather train on an empty stomach. Is their choice to train fasted robbing them of any potential gains in performance and muscle mass? Although it goes against conventional thought, training fasted may not necessarily rob you of your gains. In fact, you may find that you can be equally successful in reaching your goals whether you eat beforehand or not. The key lies in the types of goals you have and how well you structure your nutrition the rest of the day.


Why Would you Want to Train Fasted?

A lot of people tend to feel better when they have some food in their system when hitting the gym. Perhaps it’s all psychological, but these people tend to report better training sessions when they have a solid meal before training. However, not everyone feels the same way. Some people feel uncomfortable when training on a full stomach. Instead of feeling more energized, they feel tired and sluggish. The fullness in their stomach makes it harder to brace during heavy movements. Even worse, they may even feel like throwing up or using the restroom at crucial points in the workout. Having low energy, stomach pains, and having to run to the bathroom constantly don’t sound like conditions that are conducive to a good workout.

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