Look around you. Go to any fitness website. Read any health related magazine. What’s the overarching message?

It’s a message that states you need to be smaller. You need to lose weight. Blast fat. Torch your stubborn fat. Lose the love handles. It’s all about fat loss. And fat loss is a great goal to have. It’s also prudent to go about the process correctly.

With that said, is it the right time for you to lose fat?



The first thing we have to look at is your dieting history. If you ever have decided to lose fat, what have you done to do so? Obviously, you went into a calorie deficit. And let’s say, for the sake of ease, that it did work and you lost weight. What did you do after that? Did you go back to what you did before? Did you then gain weight? And did you do go on yet another diet to rectify the problem?

If so, you did what normally happens. A given diet has a starting point and an end point. And seldom is there any advice on what to do beyond the diet. But, on a whole, a calorie deficit is a good thing. It does help you lose fat, it slows down the aging process, and it improves your blood levels.

However, you spend too long in a deficit; it can mess with your hormones. Your free and total testosterone levels decrease. Not only that, estradiol decreases as well. Lastly, your sex hormone-binding globulin increases, which minutes the bioavailability of the previously mentioned hormones, commonly referred to as “free.”

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