Three Bro Science Myths Dissected

Bro Science is becoming a scourge. If anyone so much as utters something that sounds fallacious, you can bet there will be someone there to point and laugh in scorn and derision decrying “Bro Science!” This is no more apparent than on our favorite social media outlets. In this case, arguments would turn bloody and fatal if half the people behind the keyboards acted as they speak. I digress, however.

There was a time when people would work out and compete using a lot of Bro Science principles. And still, some of them achieved remarkable physiques and strength. Without having accurate training and food logs, it’s hard to say whether some of the Bro Science was helping their cause, or if they attained their results despite following what amounts to fake science.

Having said that, some of the old myths are not without merit, but as we grow and learn, it is important to understand why some myths might be meritorious and others might not be. And with that, why people got results with some of them. So, I’m going to go over a few of these myths and talk about why they worked.

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