The high protein diet has played a staple role in bodybuilding for several decades, helping individuals add more muscle while also increasing fat loss.

While these benefits are nothing new, there continued to be a lack of research assessing the use and potential benefits of a super high protein diet, which resembled the daily intake of many bodybuilders. However, in the last 2 years that has started to change, with well-known sports nutrition researcher, Dr. Antonio, investigating this and finding some impressive results.

Here’s a review of the research, benefits and practical application for your own or your clients’ diets.


Study 1

The first study conducted by Dr. Antonio investigated a group of resistance-trained males, who participated in 2 x 8 week trials. They consumed their normal protein intake first, followed by a high protein intake ( > 3 g/kg/day; equal to about 200 – 250g of protein a day). During this trial, all participants tracked their intake on MyFitnessPal while using scoops of whey protein to increase their total daily protein intake [1].

Body composition measurements were also tracked with Bod Pod®. Participants were not placed on a specific training regime and just directed to follow their regular routines and stay consistent throughout both trials.

Interestingly, the high protein diet group consumed around 400 more calories per day with carbs and fat being standardized between both groups (meaning the extra calories were all obtained from protein).

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