As a consequence of the relentless daily demands we place on ourselves and the sacrificial role our bodies play as we try to cope with it, many of us have morphed into anything but that which resembles human physical potential.

Fat Evolution

As every week offers a new television series documenting this struggle, making entertainment out of the problem does not appear to be having a positively illuminating effect. Although we can recognize the provocative theme of the “Biggest Loser”, and the visual simplicity of comparatively weighing people on overly sized scales, there is an unintended consequence(s) of defining the winner as the person who loses the most weight. Ironically, the victor is also the person that loses the most muscle.

The problem resides in that weight-loss is a gross overestimate of changes in one parameter of health as it relates to body composition. However, the number on the scale does NOT actually provide insight into the actual composition of body tissue. That is to say, what is the relative contribution of fat and muscle to body weight respectively? If excess body fat is a major cause of metabolic and cardiovascular pathologies ranging from heart disease to diabetes risk to sleep dysfunction, it’s safe to say this is the critical tissue we are trying to expel from the body.

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