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Today we are going to talk about Processed Foods and if they are killing your gains…

These days the word “Processed Foods” gets thrown around a lot in the fitness industry and it even gets as much slander as the words “Cheat Meals” and “Eating Clean.”

In this context, the pressing question is…Does eating processed foods kill your muscle gains?

Let’s take a look at what the scientific literature has to say about all this mumbo jumbo.


What Does “Processed Foods” Really Mean?

Before we dig in and answer this pressing question above, we first want to hit the rewind button and educate you on how food is processed and what it all really means.

To process food means to use a series of mechanical or chemical operations to change or preserve it. A review [1] by Floros et al described processing as “one or more of a range of operations, including:

  • Washing
  • Grinding
  • Mixing
  • Cooling
  • Storing
  • Heating
  • Freezing
  • Filtering
  • Fermenting
  • Extracting
  • Extruding
  • Frying
  • Drying
  • Concentrating
  • Irradiating
  • Microwaving
  • Packaging

There are a multitude of foods in the diet like bread, cheese, beer, and wine that are highly processed, yet aren’t looked at as “processed” foods by consumers.

It’s absolutely true that in some cases processed foods create problems, specifically in cases of abusing and over consuming highly refined food products and neglecting whole and minimally refined foods.

However, food technology has also contributed significantly to the improvement of human health and specifically the ability to optimize nutrition for populations such as:

  • Infants
  • Pregnant mothers
  • People with food allergies
  • Athletes
  • The elderly
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