Any seasonal Biolayne member will be aware of potential metabolic damage or adaptations that occur during a diet.

But, do you know exactly what these specific adaptations are and the significant importance of each?

Supported by the shocking weight loss maintenance statistics, one could argue these adaptations are setting you up to fail every step of the way. This likely explains the often rapid fat regain after a diet and shows that your body does everything in its power to return back to what it classes as “normal” [1].

In this article you will learn the specific adaptations that occur and best of all, you will learn some research-proven strategies to counter this adaptations and improve your chance of long-term success!


Your Body is Built to Survive

While this may seem to be an obvious and over-simplified statement, if we think back to centuries ago, then we can understand why the body has all these in-built strategies trying to self-regulate and counter our attempts to lose weight.

Simply, we were built and evolved to survive. At the end of the day, if our ancestors didn’t manage to survive the harsh winters, long fasts without food and countless diseases we wouldn’t be here today. [2]

While the modern western world is now very well equipped to handle these challenges, our body doesn’t necessarily sense this. For example, when dieting down to single digit bodyfat, our body and brain doesn’t know that you are surrounded by food.

Remember, some of the role of bodyfat is to protect your organs, store energy for long periods of no food and provide insulation. As I like to say, your body doesn’t care how badly you want your abs or single digit bodyfat, it senses this leanness as a threat and dangerous situation. Years ago in winter, those with chiseled abs would be the first to die from hyperthermia or starvation! [3][4]

Now it’s clear to see why your body will close down or reduce certain processes to conserve energy. Much like your laptop will go into energy-saving mode when the battery is low, your body is trying to last as long as possible.

This helps explain why your body will actually burn less calories when doing the exact same workout or send signals to your brain to eat (and overeat when you do), then store more bodyfat from the food you eat and decrease your total daily energy expenditure!

You should now see that we are actually going against the body when dieting for months, or down to single digit bodyfat.

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